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Are you having a hard time how you gonna start your application and when to start? So many questions, sometimes browsing the net,checking websites looking for an answers  are not enough to satisfied our curiousity and we want to personally ask questions even these questions have been answered in different forums. We like clarification and verification and all the --tion!! Hahahaha, funny isn't it?I haven't had any issues when we applied my tourist visa (online offshore). Was just a li'l bit nervous back then. ☺

There are 2 options for Tourist Visa  (TV) Application: 135AUD fee.

1. Applying by paper, see VPS Global.
2. Online Application, see Immi Online

It would be best to visit  these 2 websites, see which one suits you. If you prefer an online application,you might find some help here. If you applying by paper, I am afraid I might not able to help. You may want to check out the requirements or application checklist before anything else, see Application Checklist Philippines. It is not necessary to fill this out for Online Application, jump to page 2 Documentation and start gathering documents from Personal Documents to Other supporting documents.

My timeline:

October 17, 2015 - lodged online application. Same day received acknowledment letter.
November 13, 2015 - Received Visa Grant Notification through email. Multiple entry for a year, 3 months each stay. wew!

Back then, processing time for tourist visa was a month. And i did not really bother to call or email them for an update. There are few lucky applicants who got their visa grant in a week, even in a DAY!!! wew!!! How? Who knows!!! Nyahahaha!!! The first thing to do is gather all the requirements needed for your tourist visa application, take time my friend,surf the net, look for FAQs, and take important notes too. And HONESTY is the best policy.  Let's Begin!

1. How to Create an Individual ImmiAccount, click here.
2. How to start your application? Click New Application at the upper left :)

Which one? Visitor Visa  600!!! :)
source: Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Here is the first page and there are 20 pages to fill out.
On the second page, you will find find SAVE button at lower left of your screen, next to PRINT button,
 you can always stop and go back to your application anytime at anyday
 but make sure that you SAVE it first before you logout. :)

source: Department of Immigration and Border Protection

You don't need to fill out Tourist Visa Form1418 for Online Application. Once you are done, have submitted and paid the application, you will receive your Acknowledment letter and payment receipt in your mailbox in a few minutes. If no correspondence received, try to push mail or check spam? I never received correspondence in my spam box. These are auto-generated correspondence, if you worry about not receiving correspondence, go back to your Immi account and check application mailbox, there you will find all correspondence that have been sent in the email address that you've provided in your application. DIBP is not responsible if we put in incorrect spell of email address. Let us make sure that email address is correct.

"Note: If you need to attach documents, make sure you do so before. or as soon as possible after submitting your application to ensure your application can be processed as quickly as possible. Some applications may be refused if you have not attached documents at time of lodgement."

source: Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Do you have questions? Want to know more about ImmiAccount? See ImmiAccount FAQs.

3. Uploading Documents. All documents I have attached were colored scanned copy of my Original/True Copy, all in PDF. There are several file type that they can accept but it was easier for me to scan and save them all in PDF.

- Maximum of 60 attachments
- Maximum of 5MB per attachment, not 5.01 MB
- If documents will fall under same category or evidence type , e.g sss id, drivers license, NBI, combine them all to save more space for later attachments. It will also save Case Officer's time to open and see them all in one attachment  than in three different attachment. I use PDF combine, it is free and downloadable.
- It is good to read more about file naming and file type, See Attach Documents in an Online Application.

4. Documents I have Included. I have spent months reading and searching the World Wide Web for documents  that I can include in my application. These are more than the checklist that they have provided but the more the merrier!! :) 

Personal Documents

- Travel Document, Document of Identiy - Scanned copy of Passport Bio page, NBI, SSS ID, Drivers license (all in one file).
- Passport - Scanned copy of Applicants Travels Asia, Scanned copy of Sponsors Philippines travel history
Birth or Age, Evidence of, Birth Certificate - Scanned copy of Applicants Birth Cert
Photograph - Passport - Scanned uncrop passport size photo 
**I am unsure if including passport photo is still required.
Family Composition, Evidence of, Other (specify) - Scanned copy of parent's Birth Cert. 
**I was unsure why I included this. But I thought that having the copy of your parents birth cert shows family ties.

Financial Documents

Financial Capacity - Personal, Evidence of - Scanned copy pf Phil USD joint account certificate
- Assets - Personal, Evidence of,
 Title Deed - scanned copy of Land Title Philippines
  Vehicle Registration Papers -  Scanned copy of Phil vehicle registration/drivers license
Address - Resid ential, Evidence of, Rates notice - Scanned copy of Sponsor Rates Notice
Employment - Current, Evidence of Letter/Statement - Business/Employer - Scanned copy of Sponsor's COE

Other Supporting Documents

Invitation, Evidence of, Letter/Statement - Other Third Party - Invitation letter from Sponsor and Statutory Declaration

Temporary Stay, Evidence of, Itinerary - Scanned copy of Applicant's  Complementary to Sponsors Invitation Letter
Contact while apart, Evidence of,Emails - Scanned copy of extracted emails, Scanned copy of chat msgs part I and II. (3 separate files)
Document including photograph, Other (specify) - Scanned copy of random family ,Sponsor and Applicant's photos

I renewed my passport before I lodge my application it has less than 6 months validity.  I had no issues since I was able to get my new passport before my 1 month mark processing time.  When I got my new passport, right away I attached this documcent.

- Form 929 Change of address and or passport details, Change of Passport Details - Scanned copy of new passport.

Alright! That's about it eh. Tourist visa is for tourism divah! Hahahaha... Yes, I had my 1 year Tourist life in Oz. Indeed it was a lot of fun and a lot of boredom too. Can't go sight seeing everyday but each month we go different places and there are so much to explore out there. 

To check your visa details and conditions download VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online).

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